Why order a TrueMarket E-Valuation Report?

If you’re buying or selling real estate, assessing your investment property portfolio, or need a property e-valuation for formal purposes such as capital gains tax, self-managed super fund reporting, stamp duty or estate administration, TrueMarket is here to assist.

Think of us as your personal property research team – simply tell us the property address and we’ll provide you with a fast, cost-effective, fully qualified TrueMarket E-Valuation Report including the estimated sale price, assessed rent, risk profile, comparable sold properties, property-specific commentary and market overview.

Our team of experienced property valuers provide professionally certified online property e-valuations in the Greater Brisbane region for:

  • general market research (including sales negotiations)

  • investment portfolio assessments

  • capital gains tax assessments

  • self-managed super fund reporting

  • transfer duty assessments

  • estate administration

  • retrospective assessments

TrueMarket differs from other property companies in that we work exclusively for you, not banks or real estate agents. In this way, we are completely independent and objective in our property assessments.

Our number one priority is providing fast, low-cost property e-valuation assessments that are accurate, informative and objective.

Unlike free online ‘property reports’ that use unreliable data and erroneous computer algorithms, our fully certified property valuers have extensive local market knowledge and personally analyse the features of your property with comparable sales evidence to determine your qualified price estimate.

What professional qualifications and experience do we have?

All TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports are completed by Certified Practising Property Valuers who have professional accreditation with the Australian Property Institute and current licensing with the Valuers Registration Board of Queensland.

In addition to formal qualifications, our Principal Valuer Julian Chapman has more than 15 years of professional valuation experience within the Greater Brisbane residential market and personally reviews all TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports to ensure the quality and accuracy of your property assessment.

How do we know the attributes and features of your property?

We utilise a range of technologies to complete ‘virtual property inspections’ using property images, data and mapping. This allows us to provide buyers, sellers, owners and investors with accurate e-valuation assessments for a fraction of the time and cost associated with full valuation inspections and reports.

How do we work out property prices?

TrueMarket property assessments are completed using market-based research and valuation methods, as endorsed by the Australian Property Institute. We assess the price of your property through extensive market research and an analysis of directly comparable sales evidence in the local area. This process takes into account a range of relevant factors including:

  • market conditions

  • position and location

  • aspect and outlook

  • street appeal

  • accommodation

  • construction

  • standard of finishes

  • ground improvements

  • easements

  • zoning and other council constraints

  • environmental issues

What other information does a TrueMarket E-Valuation Report include?

The property price estimate is only one aspect of a TrueMarket E-Valuation Report.

Each report also contains:

  • a rental assessment

  • comparable property sales data and previous sales information

  • property-specific risk analysis

  • property details and mapping

  • valuer insights and commentary

What types of property do we assess?

We offer customised TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports for existing residential houses, townhouses and apartments worth up to $2 million within the Greater Brisbane region, including the local government areas of:

  • Brisbane

  • Ipswich

  • Logan

  • Redlands

  • Moreton Bay (incl. the Caboolture, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers regions)

Which property types are not reviewed by TrueMarket?

Please note that TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports are currently NOT available for the following property types:

  • Properties worth more than $2 million

  • Development sites (including land subdivisions)

  • Proposed dwellings (i.e. ‘off-the-plan’ properties and intended renovations)

  • Retirement/aged care units

  • Blocks of flats

  • Boarding houses

  • Serviced apartments

  • Rural properties (with lot sizes of more than one acre/4,046m2)

  • Vacant land

  • Commercial properties

However, please feel free to contact us if you require a professional valuation of any of the above property types – we can refer you to one of our trusted industry partners.

How much does a TrueMarket E-Valuation Report cost?

TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports are only $139 each.

How long does a TrueMarket E-Valuation take?

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to buying and selling property. Accordingly, we aim to deliver your TrueMarket E-Valuation Report within 24 hours from the time of order.

What enquiries do we make?

In compiling a TrueMarket E-Valuation Report, we undertake RPData sales searches, Council searches, flood searches and easement map checks. Where necessary, we also make enquires with local agents to uncover the full circumstances and undisclosed details surrounding recent sales. The depth of this research allows us to provide you with the most accurate property price assessment possible.

How accurate are our E-Valuations?

The property market, like any other marketplace, can be unpredictable. Accordingly, property price assessments are not an exact science and we rely upon our knowledge, skills and sales research to provide you with the most accurate property price assessment possible. We also provide a property price range, giving our professional opinion of the potential sale price range that your property could fall within.

What other property risks should you be aware of when buying and selling?

As our TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports are completed as desktop assessments, we do not carry out physical property inspections. With this in mind, clients should refer to our Terms and Conditions for the scope, qualifications and limitations of a TrueMarket E-Valuation Report.

For all property purchases, we recommend that buyers undertake the following investigations and enquiries:

  • physically inspect properties before submitting offers

  • ensure that the Contract of Sale you are signing is subject to a finance clause and building and pest inspection

  • seek expert legal and town planning advice before signing a Contract of Sale

In addition, while we always endeavour to identify all property-specific features (both positive and negative), we also encourage clients to inform us of any significant property issues that may not be easily identifiable from a virtual desktop inspection.

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