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  • Real Valuers

    All TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports are completed by fully qualified and highly skilled property valuation experts who know the sales, values and market trends in your area.

  • Objective Reports

    Our TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports are 100% independent and objective – unlike real estate agents and bankers, we don’t have any vested interests or commission-based incentives.

  • Qualified Experts

    The property valuation experts at TrueMarket are all fully licensed Certified Practising Valuers with tertiary property qualifications, professional accreditation and extensive industry experience.

  • Unique Insights

    In addition to property price assessments, our TrueMarket E-Valuation Reports also include rental estimates, current sales data, risk analyses and market commentary. Check out a sample report for more information.

  • Fast and Affordable

    Our mission is to arm you with the property information you need, when you need it. To achieve this, we strive for report delivery within 24 hours and offer our e-valuations for only $187.

  • Professional Values

    As members of the Australian Property Institute, TrueMarket property valuation experts adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards, setting us apart from other service providers in the industry.

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I never realised you could get an expert property assessment online so quickly. And from a real person!
Sarah Stoker
TrueMarket Customer
Quick response, accurate assessment.
Charles Warren
TrueMarket Customer
Julian’s report was spot on the money. We were so late to the party - thank god it came as quick as it did. We nearly missed out!
Byron Campbell
TrueMarket Customer
The TrueMarket report gave us real peace of mind. The level of detail was amazing
Amie Martin-Kelley
TrueMarket Customer

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